Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back To School - //Essentials//😴

I started sixth form last Tuesday and I've fastly discovered that there are certain things that I need and I'm gonna share them with you in this blog post incase you've just started too;

First off, you're gonna need a huge bag for all the stuff you need to carry around and fit in it, mine was £19.99 from New Look and looks quite pretty I think, always a bonus, if you need a bigger bag, i reccommend New Look! To go in your bag gotta have, a pencil case, mines like a clear orange one from WHSmiths for £7 and I've filled it with all sorts of stationary e.g. Sharpies, colours, pens and pencils etc. Note pads for any lesson and although I don't recommend taking it everywhere a laptop to type things up and revise on. You're also going to need lever arch files for every subject so far it's been a week and I've been given soo much leaflets and booklets galore. If your place of study doesn't provide you with a journal, get one, it'll help you keep everything organised and keep you up to date whether it's with school or social events because being a teenager is hard balancing everything. Paracetamol is always a good shout too, never know when that headache is going to hit! It's always good to read ahead too so make sure you have all the books you'll need for your classes.

You may not know this but you also have a life outside of school take your camera everywhere to make memories with, obviously use your frees for homework and study time but also it's okay to have a break, I reccomend dedicating a night to yourself for pampering, listen to music, run a lush bath, moisturise, take care of yourself, just use that time to rejuvenate. You should also consider an emergency supplies pack, with pads, tampons, emergency make up, hand sanitiser, plasters, bobbles, pins, you know the drill. Keeping yourself hydrated is also key too, I personally forget to drink water so I bought a tinkerbell bottle from the disney store for £5 to make drinking more fun. Student ID is also your best friend if you're a shopaholic like me, which bris me onto clothes, my sixthform dress code is quite formal so a black blazer is a good shout because you can throw it on on top of anything and look smart, but also if you dress nice, you'll feel good hence you can focus more on your work, but I must add, go for comfy shoes, there's quite a bit of walking. And never forget your key so I have mine on a star wars keyring so I can't forget.

Then when that's all done, I think you deserve a nap, just get out a blanket and go for it.

Rachel xoxo


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