Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fave Winter Yankee Scents✨

As tomorrow is the first day of December I thought I'd get a bit festive and share my favourite yankee candle scents for winter. 
The first one is called icicles which is kinda a light floral scent, I think it'd be perfect for a cold frosty day to light for a bath and a good wind down. The second is silver birch which kinda smells like a watered down men's aftershave which is why I think I like it, again this ones so subtle and so nice and the grey just gives it a winter feel, the last one is Angels wings, this has kind of a vanillary scent to it but also reminds me of marshmallows (idk???). These three look so good next to each other, they all have such winter colours and not too over powering, I'd definitely reccomend if you're looking for a lighter scent this Christmas! Let me know what othes to try!

Rachel xoxo
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