Sunday, 8 February 2015

Primark Haul | Spring 2015

After going for a cute little Nandos I convinced my friends to come shopping with me but we only had time for primark, which is cool because that means I get to do a primark haul, how exciting. 

The first thing I picked up was the hat I'm wearing on the left, I love hats so much but I've been a bit too self conscious to wear it at the minute because a friend of mine said "do people still wear fedoras or is it like a croc situation" to which I didnt know what to say, but I will wear a fedora if I want to 😂 £7

I also picked up the softest pj pants, the only pattern they had left was leopard print but they're comfy so I won't complain too much. On a side note, does anyone else have to buy a size up to compensate for bum size? £6

I got 3 sports type things, a blue sports bra I picked this up because it was in the wrong place but when it said £4 I just sort of kept hold of it, I also got a ribbed workout top for £2 in clearance and a skipping rope for £2.50

I also got a coconut bubble bath in clearance for £1 some £4 sandle because I've never owned any sandle a before and a really pretty black dress, which they also did in white which my friend considered getting so we would match but I think she wanted to go home, another time. 

A few things I didn't pick up which I wish I did were some of the candles in the home section that smelt so good, £3-5, some tan gladiator sandles, £7 (i think), the White version of the black dress, £5 a blanket cardigan, some more socks and some tan brogues but they sold out in my size 😟

Rachel xoxo

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