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Review: The Fault In Our Stars, Maleficent, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Most people who know me will know I'm a little bit of a film fanatic having maybe 600+ DVDs and netflix and the ability to borrow from friends. Recently I've been going to the cinema a lot with a good friend of mine and seen Maleficent and The Fault In Our Stars with him and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes with my boyfriend. 

The Fault In Our Stars
I had never read the book before seeing it, I had absolutely no idea what this was about, I know it's John Green because I love John Green but I'd never gotten around to reading this particular title. I knew it'd be sad bc just if snippets of things I'd heard from friends or seen online but I didn't not expect to cry like I did at various occasions in the film, if you've seen it, you know what I mean. A little bit about it as breif as possible, boy meets girl who is dying, they fall in love, they live their life as much as they can, twist ending, sadness. This film is genuinely really cute, like a few friends including my English teacher said it could be a bit cringey when portrayed on film which is fair enough as sometimes things work on paper but not on film and vice versa but I didn't find it cringy I think it could have been but because the acting was as good as it was, we're safe. However I did cringe when Hazel called the writer a douche something or other but we all say stupid things in the moment of anger don't we? This movie is good for a girly night where you all just need a good cry because a good cry can be the answer to all your problems or if you want a light ish but interesting film to cuddle up to. You'll always get those people who swear blind that the book is better but as I've not read the book it was a good film overall. Similar films to watch; My Sisters Keeper, The Notebook, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button etc. 

Maleficent actually came out a while ago, may 30th but I was in the middle of my GCSEs then so I couldn't go and see it due to revision taking over my life and replicating in my cells, but I really wanted to see it so thank disney it's still in cinemas, even if the cinema was empty but I'm not complaining. It's about the villain from sleeping beauty and why she is how she is and why she cursed the baby. I actually expected some really dark twisted back story and I don't know why considering it was a PG however I really loved what I got instead more, very disney, *spoilers* (maybe), with how she fell in love with Stefan and he betrayed her to be king. I think it taught a very good lesson of love>greed and how man sometimes forgets that! But Maleficent wasn't all that bad really she was just mad at the humans and how they could be so greedy. I can relate to Maleficent with her good intentions but fierce aura it's how all women should live I mean aside from cursing people but not all of us have that kind of power. Oh but the dragon, it was beautiful what good story doesn't have a dragon in the end, love it. The ending was perfect, it really showed the true colours of all the characters but I don't wanna give too much away. Similar films to see; Sleeping Beauty (of course), Enchanted, Mirror Mirror, Red Riding Hood etc. 

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
I literally only saw Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes a week ago and that's because I'm trying to get out my rom com musical disney comfort zone and have a wider range of films in my collection and I really loved it so 3 days later I saw the next one along which is Dawn (we shall call from now on due to ver long title). For those who don't ken what it's about here's a ver basic synopsis, these apes are ver cleaver and escaped from captivity with Ceasar as their lead who had been tested on when younger to make him ver ver cleaver but his owners fell in love with him he fell in love with them so because he defended one who had alsimers, he got put into captivity where he wasn't treated well so he rallied up the other apes and they escaped to leave us where we are now, Ceasar is like king with a family very separate to humans but peaceful until invaded. I wasn't expecting it to be as further away in the future than Rise as it was but I'm not complaining, but I did question how long apes lived for then realised it probably wasn't that far in the future as I thought,they just got a flesh eating virus is all and the people alive and the apes were genetically immune, stupid Rachel. I really liked the apes to be honest like, I genuinely exhaled with excitement when the baby ape was on screen, it was so adorable. But I didn't like koda, watch it and we can hate koda together. If you liked this you could like; Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, The Hunger Games, any of the X men movies, The Dark Knight Trilogy etc

Be expecting more movie posts as all I do is watch movies and I love it, 

Rachel xoxo


  1. Great review!


    1. aw thank you, it's nice to hear things back xx

  2. am yet to watch any of these movies, but i will get to it


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