Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tigi BedHead Style Shots Extreme Straight Review


For a very long time I kept going on about tigi products and still do just in general because I heard such great reviews and one of my favourite pass times is hair care but I'd never used anything from it before, so for my birthday a very lovely friend of mine bought me these salon size bottles. My birthday was a ver long time ago (October) but as it was an everyday kind of a shampoo I thougt a review after a long time would be best. First off it smells absolutely lush, kind of like maybellines baby lips cherry, after 9 months I still haven't got fed up of it. On the bottle it claims that it gives 'over the top smoothness', 'perfectly clean feel' and helps 'out of control frizz'. Naturally my hair is very curly, thick and very frizzy so extreme straight was probably not right for my hair type but when blow dried straight from the shower it was very smooth so that ones a tick, and my hair did feel perfectly clean for days after using it so that's also true however it did not really help the frizz, but that's just my hair type, natural frizz that can't be tamed. Overall if you have naturally straight hair you want to enhance, this is the one for you, but I absolutely love tigi and want all their products.

Rachel xoxo

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