Friday, 4 July 2014

Nandos Virginity

Even with all the reccent buzz about nandos over the past, what? 3 years, I'd never been to nandos until yesterday. They way everyone went on about it I was expecting this massive posh thing but really it was just enough casual meets fancy that I really like it, if I was a restaraunt I'd wanna be nandos js. 
It was one of my beautiful best friends 16th birthday so we went for that and I really loved it, I am a big fan of spicy food now. I had the grilled chicken burger in medium with two sides of chips and corn on the cob, which I wouldn't have chosen had I been on a date, there is no lady like way to eat corn on the cob no matter how hard you try, so I'll keep that one in mind - life tips. I would have taken a picture of my meal but I'm just not one of those girls... Yet.
This was my last chip right here and we captured it🙌

Before we went for our nandos meal, the sixth form I've chosen for next year put on a social event BBQ with some other treats as a nice mixer ready for next year now we've all finished our GCSEs and it was so nice to be at school in a chilled environment with the people I'm spending the next two years with. We had things such as gladiator inflatables fighting which was so fun, I went on against my friend and won, but it was so hard to just get on the podium especially if you're 5ft3 but the fierce in me made up for it. 

As well we had the sumo suits, however I was not brave enough to face this one, couldn't bear to think of who'd been in it before, oh the horrors😫, however a few friends of mine did go in and it was horrific it really brings out the fighter in you. 

That's it for now, take care

Rachel xoxo


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