Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Public Desire Love

In my family, we love shoes, between my sister and I, we own over 70 pairs (oops), but my most reccent obsession is public desire shoes, the first time I saw them I was a bit like oh, didn't really think much on them but I kept seeing them and seeing them as primark and topshop etc have their own replicas and oh my gosh I have never loved a shoe more than my size 4 white kelis'. They are so comfy and utterly stunning but of course I had to go for the originals first and I'd defiantly be able to wear these for a night out without hanging on people saying my feet hurt, seriously reccomend. 😍😍😍

Be expecting a lot more from these on this blog,
Rachel xoxo



  1. omg I love these shoes so much. How much were they?! x

    1. The website had 20% off at the weekend so i got them for £24.99 x

  2. I have been wanting this pair for so long, they are gorgeous! xo

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