Monday, 29 June 2015

A Completely Relatable Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up! Mascara

Most makeup reviews consist of 'it gives amazing separation' or 'they looked false' or I don't know, so I thought I'd write a completely relatable review on this new mascara I picked up as a day by day account.


Day 1: My friend had this mascara, and it smells like cucumber, I'm not lying that is 100% why I bought it 
Day 2: The brush is a weird hourglass shape and I'm not sure how it works, surely it'd only apply mascara to the bits where it's thicker and miss the middle??? I don't think it's woken me up either, but I did go to bed at 2, and 5.5 hours later I'm up, probably why
Day 3: It's 21C and 3 flies have flewn into my eyes on this walk home from college, is it the Cucumber
Day 4: Mascara has prevented me napping, I managed to get it to look really good and didn't want to ruin it, it's living up to its name
Day 5: I started putting a different one on, but put this on top after and I look fineeee😎 I didn't know what I was doing
Day 6: I slept in it and it's down my face, I look awful and need a new head
Day 7: Withstood torrential tears with minor leakage
Day 8: I've lost it, but a fly still flew into my eye???
Day 9: Still can't find it 
Day 10: why
Day 11: Found it in the sock draw of course, but it's still too soon in our relationship
Day 12: went to town it rained and came off the tips but not near the eyelash line so the lashes look short and stumpy like the rest of me
Day 13: I really like the colour of the bottle, is it a bottle? I do not know
Day 14: it reminds me of a cheaper and more cucumber smelling Better Than Sex mascara
Day 15: I'm giving it 6.8/10

Let me know what you thought if you've tried it!

Rachel xoxo


Friday, 12 June 2015

Song Ideas For Musical Theatre Auditions | Advice

I have a low key audition coming up and I only had a week to prepare for it, baring in mind I haven't had lessons in almost a year, I have struggled coming up with a song to sing, so this is sort of a note to myself to 1) not to panick 2) with a couple ideas for future reference

1. Pulled from The Addams Family Musical
2. Unexpected Song from Song And Dance
3. The Physician by Cole Porter (I don't know the musical but it was originally Julie Andrews I think)
4. Her Voice from The Little Mermaid on Broadway (not the film)
5. Bill from Showboat
6. How Could I Ever Know from The Secret Garden
7. Being Alive from Company
8. In My Own Little Corner from Rogers and Hammerstein II: Cinderella 
9. Once Upon A Dream from Jekyll & Hyde
10. That's What You Call A Dream from Bonnie and Clyde

Generally things others probably won't sing are best so maybe AVOID THE LION KING, Wicked, Grease, anything currently on stage

Rachel xoxo

Monday, 1 June 2015

Payday Dreaming | Boohoo

Recently I have discovered that Boohoo may be my favourite place to buy from and since I'm not really buying anything huge this month I put together this wish list for payday aka THE best day.

At the moment they have such good shoes on their website, think public desire-esque, I have a similar pair to the nude cross strap platforms in red and love the nude shade too, same goes for the black. I also don't own a pair of skinny sandal heels so these just look like a good option. The grid ones, I think are sold out but I'll mention them because they're so pretty but the deep v shoe boots are my favourite, they're so on season and I can't wait to buy them they'll be my first buy this coming payday if they're still available (please). BUT what I will say is that I'm actually quite annoyed, all these shoes were £12 when I found them but they're now all £25 or £30 and / or sold out in all 5's and 4's.

I'm also in love with bralets at the moment too, well the ones on boohoo anyway. I can't begin to tell you how many black boohoo crops I have. So I've added an orange one, a purple one and a white one to mix things up. I think the orange one will look fab with black high rise cropped ankle jeans and tan gladiators.

Also lusting over the cream scallop hem shorts however, I have a pear shaped body so shorts aren't my best friend, same goes for the polka dot playsuit, I'm a sucker for the black on white dots or even vice versa but I just can't pull it off.

There's two dresses on my dream list two, the blue split middle dress, it looks so classy and really nice for a wedding maybe or a special occasion event, and the light blue is such a pretty and summery colour and would really enhance a natural tan. The other dress is a pinafore dress and since I got to a sixthform college with a dress code, this would looke really nice over shirts buttoned all the way up or maybe even a Bardot top to make a cold shoulder style. 

That just leaves 3 items left, the georgeous duster in the top right corner, and two stubby chic tees. The duster is £20 and so pretty and I want it almost as much as the V shoes. The first is the grey backless vest, just really easy to wear, you can pretty much throw it on jeans or leggings, the second is a 3/4 sleeve top with pom-poms around the bottom, I just thought it was cute to be honest. 

What items are you loving?

Rachel xoxo

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