Friday, 12 June 2015

Song Ideas For Musical Theatre Auditions | Advice

I have a low key audition coming up and I only had a week to prepare for it, baring in mind I haven't had lessons in almost a year, I have struggled coming up with a song to sing, so this is sort of a note to myself to 1) not to panick 2) with a couple ideas for future reference

1. Pulled from The Addams Family Musical
2. Unexpected Song from Song And Dance
3. The Physician by Cole Porter (I don't know the musical but it was originally Julie Andrews I think)
4. Her Voice from The Little Mermaid on Broadway (not the film)
5. Bill from Showboat
6. How Could I Ever Know from The Secret Garden
7. Being Alive from Company
8. In My Own Little Corner from Rogers and Hammerstein II: Cinderella 
9. Once Upon A Dream from Jekyll & Hyde
10. That's What You Call A Dream from Bonnie and Clyde

Generally things others probably won't sing are best so maybe AVOID THE LION KING, Wicked, Grease, anything currently on stage

Rachel xoxo

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  1. Oh cool! Now you dont have to panic anymore!
    Good luck! Liefs. Jonne


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