Friday, 6 June 2014

Leaving High School - Baby Steps & Teenage Bucket List

Recently, I haven't been posting as much as I like to and that's because of all my GCSEs at the moment, I've spent night after night revising as hard as I can for all of them, here is a list of how many I've had:

(November 5th 2013 - Maths Non - Calculator)
(November 6th 2013 - English Language)
(November 8th 2013 - Maths Calculator)
April 1st & 28th - Textiles
May 12th - French Listening and Reading
May 13th - Geography
May 14th - ICT
May 15th - Drama (Final Performance)
May 19th - Biology B1 B2 B3
May 20th - English Literature Unit 1
May 22nd - Geography Skills & English Literature Unit 2
June 6th - Chemistry C1 C2 C3
June 10th - Physics P1 P2 P3
June 12th - Biology B4 B5 B6
June 16th - Chemistry C4 C5 C6
June 19th -Physics P4 P5 P6

(Plus various pieces of coursework but lets not talk about that one)

As you can see, that's a lot, so I apologise for not being consistent in posts, however right now I only have 4 GCSEs left, we left school for study leave on Wednesday and now we only have 4 exams to sit and then we're done, how scary is that?!?!? Very scary for someone who knows nothing but the comfort having someone to check up on you to see if you've done your homework, or who needs the pressure to do the work, or who's staying at the schools sixth form and the majority of their friends are leaving to got to fancy collages far away so I guess it's kinda time to become independent. Don't get me wrong, I still have a few lovely friends staying, but still, there's about 250 in the year and 50ish people staying.

For those of you going through the same as me or going to be going through the same in a few years, I bet you've had the panics, oh have you had the panics: WHAT IF I LOSE CONTACT WITH EVERYONE AND DIE ALONE!?!? or WHAT IF THEY REPLACE ME?!?! or WHO WILL I SIT WITH?!?! I genuinely promise you, that's not going happen. The people who matter will still be around in 20 odd years and they may even have a little kid that calls you aunt or uncle which is so weird to think right now because well, we're teenagers, but my point is a friendship cannot be one sided, if someones trying to make an effort to keep in touch with you, you should too because they obviously care enough to try with you. Also, you've been friends with these people for the best part of 5 years, collage is only 2 years, your friends aren't going to forget that, even if you don't see them that often the friendship will still be there, don't worry.

The long summer holiday that's coming up could potentially be one of the best in your life, before taxes and debt and having major responsibilities so make the most of it (plus it's like 11 weeks!!1!), here's what I intend to do, a summer bucket list if you will:

1)  Messy twister

 2) Go on an adventure with my best friends

3) Decorate someones garden with so many fairy lights, we can't tell when it turns dark

4) Sleep all day, and party all night


5) Paint fight (why not?)

6) Picnics


7) Make a blanket fort

8) Make cake pops

These among many other things that I'll probably blog about when I do them - I can't believe it starts in 2 weeks, so don't do what I normally do and sit in side all day everyday in my pyjamas, get out and do something you'll never forget! 

Rachel xoxo

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