Sunday, 26 October 2014

What I got for my Birthday 2014πŸŽ‰

Yesterday I turned 17, it's a bit of an unsubstantial birthday inbetween sweet 16 and the big 18 so I thought I'd try make the best of it anyway, the Parentals said I could have a ParT but all my friends unfortunately had other plans so I had a cute night in with my favourite person. 
This blog post is in no way bragging, I just really wanted to share how lucky I feel and give you all. Few ideas of things to ask for / give people😊

Off of my parents I got a new phone which I've needed for a very long time bc mine was rubbish and wouldn't let me text or call anyone ever. so I got the iPhone 5c in pink, I also got the Benefit bathina perfume set with some socks, a hamster onsie and the 5 Tinkerbelle movie collection. 
From my grandparents I got this lovely coat and my auntie put money towards it too I really have a coat fetish going on, it needs to stop πŸ˜‚
From my friends I really got a bit spoiled, from my lovely boyfriend I got public desire shoes, Bobbi Brown shimmer, and some lush thingsI got some halloween socks, a pug plug and a pug make up bag from my lovely pops, socks earrings and chocolate from jodie, lush things from many, the importance of being earnest dvd from Joanne, pug slippers from tashy, (do you see the reoccurring theme) and a nice big basket for lush from Megan and Claire and one of the lovely girls I work with got me some cupcakes which I really did not expect. 
I am honestly so grateful for all of this πŸ™ˆ thankyou x

Rachel xoxo


Saturday, 18 October 2014

NARS Lipstick - Raquel: Review

Reccently I've kinda been a bit insecure about wearing lipsticks because I'm always conscious of the yellow contrast with the red as I normally buy red colours but then I thought why not buy one good quality one that I'll actually use so I decided to buy this NARS lipstick in the shade Raquel, it was such a pretty colour and my name is very close to Raquel I bought it. 

This lipstick is so nice it doesn't feel sticky on your lips, it lasts for a good few hours before having to reapply and it's so subtle it does what make ups supposed to do an enhances natural beauty. I'd recommend to anyone. 5/5.

Rachel xoxo


Friday, 3 October 2014

Lush Haul ~ NEEDED!!!!

Photo credit to Instagram @lushliverpoolstreet

Today was the lush autumn/winter14 launch and I'm seriously so excited, I love love love lush so much I've genuinely spent every moment I can on the website and on their instagrams. I absolutely adore the Halloween Christmas collection, it's perfect but I don't have time to go down there to my local store because of school and work, cries, so I thought I'd share my wish list instead:

1: Sparkley Pumpkin
2: Northern Lights
3: Sparkler
4: Lord of Misrule
5: Golden Wonder
6: Santas Lip-scrub
7: Butterbear
8: Father Christmas
9: Christmas Eve

(Not in the right order, oops) 

I'm sure I'll get round to going soon, it's pay day on Friday anyway 

Rachel xoxo
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