Friday, 3 October 2014

Lush Haul ~ NEEDED!!!!

Photo credit to Instagram @lushliverpoolstreet

Today was the lush autumn/winter14 launch and I'm seriously so excited, I love love love lush so much I've genuinely spent every moment I can on the website and on their instagrams. I absolutely adore the Halloween Christmas collection, it's perfect but I don't have time to go down there to my local store because of school and work, cries, so I thought I'd share my wish list instead:

1: Sparkley Pumpkin
2: Northern Lights
3: Sparkler
4: Lord of Misrule
5: Golden Wonder
6: Santas Lip-scrub
7: Butterbear
8: Father Christmas
9: Christmas Eve

(Not in the right order, oops) 

I'm sure I'll get round to going soon, it's pay day on Friday anyway 

Rachel xoxo

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