Friday, 19 December 2014

Clothes Show Live! HUGE HAUL + New Beauty Bits

On Tuesday the 9th of December I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham which is basically one massive shopping trip and a cat walk, and if you like that sort of thing, it's heavan. We got there at about 11 which gave us a good 2 1/2 hours of shopping before watching the show and then we had an hour after the show. The show itself was so good, I'd never been to a cat walk before and it was amazing, there were dancers, models to really loud music and some people from made in Chelsea so everyones self esteem went down the toilet but still amazing none the less.

Here are a few things I bought:

Everything was soo cheap, in a good way, I got some public desire shoes for £27 and they're so comfy and pretty 😍 a Barry M goody bag worth £65 for £10, a Lee Stafford goody bag for £5, W7 for £10, Rimmel for £5 and Models own for £10! Everything was such a good price. 

I've also included a few little beauty bits in this haul I got because there's not enough for an individual one.

Reccently I've found my hair being really itchy, turns out I'm allergic to fabric softener but I picked thi treseme shampoo and conditioner from ASDA and after 3 uses I feel like it's already started to help! I also got not your mothers way to grow conditioner £6 because my hairdresser cut my hair shorter than I would have liked so it'd be nice if it helped encourage growth and I'll definitely write a review soon! I also bought this FACEFINITY primer from max factor as I've found my makeup coming of my face leaving it blotchy and as a result got a free gift worth £35! I keep finding myself looking at EOS balms so it just slipped it in my basket and clicked pay before i could say do I really need this, really moisturising, bit pricey at £6 though. I also decided to get a light up Budha because you know, why not, trying to reduce my anger but the lighty up switch broke now it's just a blue Budha. I actually only got the soap and glory spray as it was in a 3 for 2 and I wanted to get my friend two of the products. Next is a fast dry OPI top coat, it dries really fast but does make the nail more inclined to chip because of how brittle it is, and last is a MAC lipstick I got for a friend but decided to keep, oops sorry. 

Rachel xoxo

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