Monday, 29 June 2015

A Completely Relatable Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up! Mascara

Most makeup reviews consist of 'it gives amazing separation' or 'they looked false' or I don't know, so I thought I'd write a completely relatable review on this new mascara I picked up as a day by day account.


Day 1: My friend had this mascara, and it smells like cucumber, I'm not lying that is 100% why I bought it 
Day 2: The brush is a weird hourglass shape and I'm not sure how it works, surely it'd only apply mascara to the bits where it's thicker and miss the middle??? I don't think it's woken me up either, but I did go to bed at 2, and 5.5 hours later I'm up, probably why
Day 3: It's 21C and 3 flies have flewn into my eyes on this walk home from college, is it the Cucumber
Day 4: Mascara has prevented me napping, I managed to get it to look really good and didn't want to ruin it, it's living up to its name
Day 5: I started putting a different one on, but put this on top after and I look fineeee😎 I didn't know what I was doing
Day 6: I slept in it and it's down my face, I look awful and need a new head
Day 7: Withstood torrential tears with minor leakage
Day 8: I've lost it, but a fly still flew into my eye???
Day 9: Still can't find it 
Day 10: why
Day 11: Found it in the sock draw of course, but it's still too soon in our relationship
Day 12: went to town it rained and came off the tips but not near the eyelash line so the lashes look short and stumpy like the rest of me
Day 13: I really like the colour of the bottle, is it a bottle? I do not know
Day 14: it reminds me of a cheaper and more cucumber smelling Better Than Sex mascara
Day 15: I'm giving it 6.8/10

Let me know what you thought if you've tried it!

Rachel xoxo


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