Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Completing The Bucket List // Update

This post is kind of an update for me about where I'm at with all the things I wanted to do over summer, sort of like a tick off for my summer bucket list before I start college~

I have really tried to make the most of my time this holiday, obviously lazy days are needed from time to time but if I've had a day free I've filled it with a trip to the gym or work etc. So far I have;

Played Messy Twister~ I really recommend this! it's a cheap easy way to have fun with friends! providing you're okay with a little bit of mess
We also had a Paint Fight~ went hand in hand with the messy twister
Party's and Gatherings~ it's just nice to see all your friends in one place! plus if someone has a house free, it's absolutely free
Made Cake Pops~ these were harder than anticipated, the cake tasted gorgeous but I had no idea what I was spins so I made the wrong icing :(
More Fairy Lights~ adds a little bit of pretty to any situation doesn't it?
Picnics~ again very easy to do, just bring the food your parents are trying to get rid of, yano, like the last three biscuits in the packet, and if you all do that it's cheap, you see all your friends, and your parents can buy more food, winning

I'd still like to do a few things, maybe like make macaroons or try real techniques brushes or even go th next stage lighter on my hair etc, I'll keep you posted

Rachel xoxo


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