Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mini Haul

 I kind of have a shopping addiction. 
I can't help it, things call to me and I have to have them, so I thought I'd share with you what I bought and how much I like it etc. 

Here are just a select few of all the things I've bought, actually, it's everything that isn't clothes or jewellery or has private details on like my NUS card (wooo).

First off; Real Techniques Core Collection and Complexion Sponge ~ everyone always raves about Real Techniques and so far I actually really like the stuff I've used but I can't get out the habit of using ecotools because that's what I've been using since I was like 12, they were my first ones so it's habit but I do like a change and I do like these brushes / sponge and will be getting more.

Benefit ChaCha Balm & Baby Lips Electro Oh! Orange ~ I do really like the chacha balm it's very moisturising and smells very refreshing but not over powering, so it's good but doesn't add any colour, not that that's a bad thing but if you wanted a tint don't go for that. And the baby lips hasn't actually been opened yet because I saved it for the picture, oops, more to come with that I guess. 

Bourjois Dissolvant and Healthy Balance Powder ~ these two have now become staple pieces for me! the Dissolvant gets nail varnish off so easy and your fingers smell so good after, and the powder gives me a really good matte finish in any foundation I've tried and stays on for quite a while. 

Nina L'eau 
This smells so good, it's the perfect blend of fruity and floral and it was actually pretty cheap, at John Lewis it was £24.99 for the 30ml but it was also that price for the 50ml which I don't get but I went for it and I love having different smells and stuff.

Garnier Micellar Water ~ I actually only bought this because I thought my sister had taken my Nivea Micellar one  to France with her, she hadn't, but I found that out after, and I found this one in boots after seeing VelvetGh0st use it on her YouTube and I actually really like it, it gets make up off so easy and it was quite cheap considering the size.

Charles Worthington Shine Booster ~ I only found out reccently that Charles Worthington had repackaged and I remember I had this a while back and it smelt so good, however I do think it's a little bit different though, yet to try it.

Urban Fudge Dry Shampoo ~ I've wanted this for a while and it smells so good I couldn't resist when boots had a 3 for 2 on, quite pricey though but my hair does feel refreshed and smell good, I am the worst at remembering to wash it, oops.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask ~ I love the smell of Lee Stafford products it's subtle yet beautiful, I got this because I had the leave in treatment and it really helped to grow my hair a bit longer so I thought I'd try the hair mask this time now I've ran out and I can't wait to see results.

Babyliss Turbo Shine ~ basically because I don't like to share, 😂

Rachel xoxo


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  1. Whoa, this is not a mini haul to me. LOL! Great haul though and like you, I am a huge fan of Ecotools!

    Reflection of Sanity


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