Sunday, 14 September 2014

Jersey Boys😍

Oh what a night, early September back in 2014, (September 13th) I saw Jersey Boys on tour at the palace theatre Manchester, and it was soooo good, I love musicals,and everyone who knows me will know I love musicals, but this was just fabby. I knew it was Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons but I didn't know the plot or anything, I just loved it that much I had to buy a tshirt. So if you haven't already seen this tour, go! I sat in the grand tier at the front with my friends so I had quite a good view too. Deffenitely would go again.

We actually had the understudies on our particular show and I seriously would not have changed that, I found they go for it a lot more because they don't perform as much so they don't lose the spark, amazing. However there was a woman sat next to me absolutely loving it, getting ver excited about it, clapping along so hard she hit me in the head, there is no room for this in grand tier kind lady, calm.

Rachel xoxo


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