Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hair Extentions

It's quite a common misconception that every one who wears hair Extentions looks cheap and tatty and I have to say I disagree, not all girls do look tatty and cheap and by wearing hair Extentions they're probably trying to achieve the exact opposite look and you will look classy and worth a million pounds if you just make sure you do as follows: 

- when buying hair extentions, never but more than 8" longer than your natural hair
- make sure the colour is an exact match or could at least pass for 'I got a lot of sun' 
- make sure you buy enough clips to match the thinkness of your own hair, it's no use if your natural hair is lovely and think and you have a couple of this extensions poking out the bottom
- quality over price always, spending just that little bit more could make them go a lot further, I've had mine for 8 months and they're still like new
- make sure you take care of them, brush and wash like normal hair or the ends will go ratty and you'll look like you have dreads, I mean unless you want dreads then that's cool too
- check if you can style with heat, if you can't 1) they're probably no good and 2) they won't exactly match what your hairs doing and you'll look a bit odd. 

I wear hair Extentions and most if the time people don't notice I'm wearing them, they'll say my hair looks nice or it looks longer but that's it, let it be your secret, keep them guessing.



P.S. I am the laziest person I know, and if I can look after them, so can you

Rachel xoxo


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  1. They look fab! Really natural

    emilyldn.blogspot.com x


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