Monday, 21 April 2014

Barry M: Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

The other day my sister came home with a few things she bought in town, one of these was this: 


Quite reccently there has been a lot of hype about these nail varnishes and since she bought such a beautiful colour I thought I'd try it out. This is in the colour 'green berry' and it's light greeny turquoise colour so quite a springy fun colour and my gosh not even exaggerating I've had this nail varnish on for 8 days now and it's still not chipped.
As it's such a good colour for the season I thought a few Daisy's would go quite well with it.


** I did this using a cocktail stick and Barry M's white nail varnish (but you can use any nail varnish you want) - very easy to do and really cute.

Rachel xoxo

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  1. Pretty color. Hey my Liebster Award post is up :) Thanks for nominating me.


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