Friday, 11 September 2015

Something Different, Finding My Way

I've not written a post in a while, I kind of feel like I've lost my way a bit and I was writing posts BC I felt like I should not because I wanted to. Which kind of meant my content wasn't as good as it could potentially be since I wasn't passionate about what I was writing and I think these last few posts have made that clear to me. I think I felt the pressure from companies who asked me to blog their stuff to do it, and since I'm still new to this I was just excited to be asked regardless of who it was. So things from now on are gonna change. I only want to write about things I am adamant I love, like Halloween or films or Make up or maybe outfits and shoes, but that's baby steps, I also really want to start addressing more overarching toppings rather than a lush haul etc like body shaming or feminism in its true form, two things I'm also passionate about. My weird quirks are coming out and I'm going to strive to make my content more original and to be frank more me. If a company still wants to work with me and for me to blog with them, I will definitely consider, but only if I am comfortable and passionate about it. 

Rachel xoxo

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