Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Halloween Ideas 2015 #1

The other side of makeup:

Okay so recently I've rekindled my love for SFX / Halloweeny makeup, Halloween is my favourite time of the year and I've had a lot going on recently so having something to come home and focus on has really helped. 

Here are a few pretty easy (and time consuming) ideas you could go as for halloween or a costume party this year, I think I'll do one of these posts a week since it's something I enjoy and could potentially be helpful, who knows? Also would like to add I've never had any sort of training nor do I own really expensive theatrical makeup, most of what I use is like £2 a colour off of amazon. Surprisingly good, I know. ;).

1) The Cheshire Cat

This was actually very easy, I made my face pale with a very light foundation and down my neck and shoulders or I'd look stupid? And set it with talcum powder (nifty). I then contoured my face with a bright pink blusher I found in a sleek pallette I didn't know I had, alternatively you could use eyeshadow, also if you prefer the blue Cheshire Cat from the Tim Burton movie, use a blue shadow instead of pink. I extended my usual cat flick with normal eyeliner, used my everyday mascara, used brow gel the wrong way to make them bushy. Went back over my nose and cuspids bow and over my collar bones. Then with a chunky black felt pen eyeliner drew the shape of a grin and with a cream white makeup filled my teeth in. Easy. But time consuming.

2) Semi-Skinless

I would not recommend this if you don't have patience as it took me 3 hours. 3 HOURS! Start painting your face red, face paint is excellent for this please don't use normal paint, your skin will not forgive you. Then get a bit of white on the end of a flat brush and make lines as you go. Then when the white is done, get black and outline the different sections. I actually went back over with yellow and green too to add a different dimension to it. Then like in the previous one, put the teeth in.

3) Sprite Queen

This is actually a favourite of mine, just using green face paint, contour your cheekbones around you forehead and down your nose, do a nice cat eye flick, put glitter under the eye and you're literally done. I mean add a green lip if you're feeling daring, I bought the Barry M green one, but it turns pink which is why my lips in this are pink. If I were to change this I'd definitely add more glitter under the eyes. Put on a green or sparking midi, add a flower crown, look at that you're a sprite queen. (Pretty much a fairy in case you didn't know)

4) Queen of Hearts

This was a fun one, I poofed my hair in the shape of a heart and clipped it in place, then did a plat down the back. Using white face paint I drew a heart and filled it in, went over the outline in red and coloured the rest in black. Added your typical extended cat flick, two triangles under the eye like a mime(?), drew a marina and the diamonds heart on my cheek, blackened my brows and extended my lips at the corner Angelina Jolie style. Just wear with an all black outfit and you're good to go. 

5) (Sassy) Half Face Bride of Frankentstien 

Okay so do your glam going out make up as normal and then start to draw with eyeliner, I used gel liner and a brush, the cracks/stitches. When you have the complete outline, cover the rest in light green and blend out on your neck. Outline the hollow of your eye with a purple eyeliner and with a darker green go over your cheekbones. Colour the Franken-brow black and make the Franken-eye makeup more dramatic with a thicker line. That's pretty much it. For a more bloodshot look with a pink lip liner draw veins under the eyes and down the neck. 

Let me know what products your using if you're into this sort of makeup too, if not maybe a few ideas of what to do next, hope you enjoyed this and I helped a bit, 

Rachel xoxo

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