Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I have a... Shoe Type

You know when you see some shoes, and you instantly love them, and you have to buy them, but then you get home and realise you have a really similar pair, or maybe two, or three, or six. That is so funny because me too!

I reccently posted this on my Instagram (to the right) and a comment I got was, 'these shoes are pretty much the same', I would like to write how I see it, this is science. Science applied in the real world, and I'll use an awful pun to demonstrate it, SOLE-vival of the fittest (I apologise).
Each time I bought a new pair of these, they got higher, I noticed, but then it suddenly occurred to me, how many pairs of black booties, gorgeous though they are, do I need. I can only wear one pair at a time and there are only 7 days in the week. But then I thought, I really love shoes and these shoes are NOT the same. Starting at the top going anti-clockwise, The first pair are flat, plain black flat boots, then next are platform chunky heel booties with cut-outs, next are a chelsea boot style with low platform and treads, then are low platform, with no treads, then is huge platform, open toe and buckles, and last are my favourites, with high platforms and thick heels, which makes them not the same.

In all seriousness I should buy another pair because I have a shopping problem and it's unlikely I'm going to change anytime soon, but who is this hobby hurting? Some people travel and others like sports, I love shoes and so do so many other people!

Rachel xoxo

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