Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cake Pop Machine + Recipe!

For Christmas, my mum was so kind as to get me a cake pop machine, and today was the first day I tried it. 
First off, it's purple, which is pretty cool in its self, it's really cute and to add to it the same company (babycakes) makes other machines in different colours for example the one I intend to get next is a doughnut machine in baby yellow, although I have no where to put it, oops.

To try it out I thought I'd make a simple vanilla recipe: 

Makes about 36 pops~

100g self raising flour
100g caster sugar
50g butter
1 egg
60ml milk
1tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp. baking powder pinch of salt 

~As amature as it sounds I just chucked it all in the bowl and whisked away, and that worked for me but if you want to soften the butter then add the powdered ingredients etc. that's fine just follow the recipe on the baby cakes website (as that's where I found mine)
~Tea spoon it in to the holes and bake for 5 mins
~DONT FORGET OVEN GLOBES IT GETS HOT (like I did, again, oops)
~Also don't forget to leave room for it to grow
~Spoon out 

It's that simple 

However... What I will say is that 1) it's a pain to clean due to all the holes and 2) icing is very difficult so I just quit while I was ahead! I'll grasp it one day and when I do I'll be sure to share how.

And just to prove I'm not completely incompetent I made some manually at halloween and they turned out pretty good decoration wise: 

Over all, loved this little machine, would 100% recommend if you love baking and have the room!

Let me know your icing tips!
Rachel xoxo

P.s. Not sponsored all opinions my own


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  1. Yumm!!! I want all those treat you made! I am going to have to make them with your recipe!



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