Monday, 16 March 2015

Lush | Haul

One shop I have to go into everytime I'm near is Lush, I love everything in it and it smells so good and plus 40% of the products a glittery so that's definitely a bonus. So I thought it'd be a good idea to do a little lush tag and show what I picked up for Easter and the stuff I already have and love.

So first are a few bits pi picked up from the Easter collection, 
- Pot o'Gold, this actually smells divine, it smells like butterscotch and that's a beautiful smell 
- Golden Egg, I haven't actually used this yet but I do love a bit of a glittery bath and if its anything like sparkles pumpkin, we're good
- Bunch of Carrots, I have actually used some of this and I did not expect it to make the amount of bubbles it did, would definitely reccommend 
- Hoppity Poppity, also not used this yet but I'm expecting big things after all the santas I used at Christmas 
- Easter Egg, I am a big fan of the dragon egg bath bomb, it was actually the first lush product I tried so I'm hoping this is the same but pink 
- Rose Bubblebar, this smells beautiful, I've started putting it on my desk when revising to encourage me, very excited to try
- Immaculate Eggception Pink, how exciting is a bath bom that has two more bathbombs in it! Very exciting in my world so that's why I picked that one up

A few of my fave classics would be the Mask of Magniminty, it clears my skin up literally in like a day, if you've had a bit of a exam stress breakout like me, I would seriously reccommend you use this, they half in size after one use. Whoosh shower jelly is also a must during exam period, it smells so fresh and really help wake you up, plus it's really interesting because it's a jelly and I love that. Another love of mine are bubble bars in general, every single one smells beautiful.

What I'm not happy about though it's that when you order Lush online, they've stopped sending the clear bags, but that's my only complaint.

Rachel xoxo

P.s. Anything I should try? Be sure to let me know your favourites



  1. I'm waiting for payday so I can place a huuuuge order! I need so much stuff from the collection!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Honestly the collections so good you'll love it! Xx


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